Sunday, 5 January 2020

Rudder - New ideas to old problems

Probably the first major job i tackled was removing the old rudder and assessing its condition, 10 ten minutes with a 20 & 40mm forstner bits proved the rudder was pretty fucked, the core black and disintegrating. So what to do? The original plan was to make a plug with an eye to taking a mould and making one and maybe several, this became known as the 'oil tanker' rudder. 

Having made said plugs (two halves) i stored them in my loft thinking that was the safest place only to bring them down a couple of months later to begin glossing and polishing with an eye to taking a mould from them. Problem was they got badly water-damaged in the loft so in the skip that went and a new rudder would be constructed around the old stock.

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  1. Come on Rog.
    I've just restarted after a lengthy pause in proceedings - dragging her indoors finally, in the next two weeks.
    Pumped about a ton of water from her today where she's taken the weather all Winter long.

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